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Omnichannel Personalization Use Case

It’s overwhelming to think about managing all your different omni-channel marketing campaigns and keeping track of when users take action along their buyer journey.

Lucky for you, AIIM makes this a breeze by allowing you to set up campaigns that will trigger based on stages in the customer life cycle and behavioural information.
For example:

Welcome: Send a welcome email when a new customer signs up for your email list from a website pop up, mirroring the same message across channels.

Cart abandonment: Trigger a “forget something?” push notification to encourage purchase completion along with cart abandonment ads and emails.

Post-purchase: Send “Thank you for your purchase” emails or push notifications with relevant shipment information.

Cross-selling: Display ads for complimentary products across every channel.

Replenishment: A push notification or email reminding the customer it’s time to stock up again.

Re-engagement: Display or social media ads or an email of their favourite product line with a discount to encourage them to re-engage with your brand.