Traditional print materials are superior in marketing


When a Corporation is looking to improve its bottom line and operational efficiency through the outsourcing of strategic sourcing and procurement, they usually turn to a consulting firm for help. The consulting firm charges hefty upfront fees and only delivers a strategy framework without a plan for executing or realizing the value and cost savings.

In the past 25 years, we have seen this scenario many times where the consulting firm establish relationships with print providers and affix hefty fees to the customer. Our approach is to offer from our One-Source Solution, a Strategic Plan and Cost Savings. Our comprehensive cost and process review will quickly establish a path towards savings and efficiencies.

PRINT MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS require a true partnership in the exchange of ideas, goals and challenges. Only after this exchange of information can AIIM custom tailor a solution to maximize penetration into the targeted market and reduce hurdles. This solution can be built in a modular format providing cost-effective, technology-rich custom applications. Our approach ensures that solutions do not become cumbersome to use and always stay current.

TODAY AIIM EXCELS IN PRINT MANAGEMENT with both onsite and offsite programs. We can have our Communications expert onsite at your location providing direction and expertise. Alternatively, if an offsite solution better fits a client’s needs, we can have a dedicated resource allocated to your account located at our facility. Both solutions offer a web-based knowledge centre accessible to all the individuals in your organization to help you select the proper method of production.

Within a five (5) year period, one of our clients was able to cut their Marketing Print Collateral COST by 40% plus by utilizing our aiim·CONNX Web to Print portal. With editable templates they were able to further reduce 1200 InDesign graphic assets to 43 editable templates, reducing their Graphic Department staff from 15 to 3 achieving an additional $500,000.00 savings annually.