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Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

We have a commitment to addressing the impact that our industry has on the production of greenhouse gas emissions. We support research and the sharing of knowledge that encourages better decisions and outcomes.

In April 2022, we launched The Planet’s First Carbon Neutral Direct Mail. 

Carbon emissions from the tree to the mailbox are calculated and offset using the Great Bear Rainforest Carbon Offset Project in British Columbia, Canada.

We’ve heard that it’s not straightforward to understand how carbon offsets work.  Think of it as a way to counteract the carbon that we know is emitted by these processes. That doesn’t mean that we stop trying to find ways to lower the emissions, but it does mean that we’re acting responsibly to the known impact of direct mail.

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Why Is Sustainable Mail Important To Us? 

Once you know your carbon footprint, it’s hard to ignore it. 5000 pieces of mail creates about one ton of carbon dioxide. What does 1 ton of carbon dioxide look like? You could compare it to a hot air balloon that is 10 metres across. 

We are also coupling this with efforts for reducing carbon emissions. Paper choices and reducing the weight of mail are the most effective methods of reducing emissions.

Carbon Neutral Direct Mail?

This Is How We Did It 

We commissioned a study to understand the carbon impact of paper, production in the plant, and the delivery of mail to the post office (Read it HERE). It won’t be the last word on this issue because with new and better information, we will be regularly improving our understanding of the impact. 

Now that we understand where the carbon usage is happening, we offer the Carbon Neutral Direct Mail program to all of AIIM’s clients, and to continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, continually adjusting our targets and making improvements to the Carbon Neutral Direct Mail program. 

When you understand, then you can act.

Net Zero Pyramid Aiim

Check out our study for more details on the impact of the various parts of direct mail production. Understanding this will help decision-makers as they choose ways to produce direct mail. 

We encourage and invite a dialogue about the environmental impact of paper and mail in the marketing and communications sector. Whether a communication is delivered with a smartphone, laptop or a postcard, there are greenhouse gases emitted. 

The challenges are multidimensional and that’s why we are FSC-certified, members of the Sustainable Mail Group, and a Canada Post Expert Partner. 

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Net Zero Pyramid Aiim

Why is Sustainable Direct Mail Important to Us?

Once you know your carbon footprint, it’s hard to ignore it. 

Through our sustainable practices and carbon neutral direct mail program, we work with our customers to minimize the impact on the environment and achieve their carbon footprint goals.

The Planet’s First Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

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