Integrated & Automated
Direct Mail

Send timely and triggered communications by post! 

Direct Mail automation can produce printed mail within hours of triggers for the Canadian or US postal system (see Actual Use Case below).

We integrate with major MarTech customer engagement solutions or create a custom integration to deliver an omnichannel experience that includes personalized direct mail cards and letters delivered across North America. 

Best-use cases include: 

    • Abandoned shopping cart triggers 
    • Re-engagement of inactive or lapsed customers or donors 
    • Thank you notes 
    • Tax receipts 
    • High value appointment reminders (dental, auto) 
    • Omnichannel – with email and SMS to amplify the message 

Case Study: Wayfair

Click to read the case study to see how Wayfair used direct mail to find new customers and generate huge returns.

Vdp Individualize

Actual Use Case: Print Management

How a major online food delivery company re-engages inactive customers.


To recapture the value of customers who have been inactive for a set period of time. Their digital solutions have been optimized but they are still looking for new ways to engage.


Automated direct mail triggered by “date of last purchase” exceeding three months.

    • A letter is mailed within days of the trigger inviting the customer to return
    • API and workflow driven
    • Variable digital printing allows for personalization and multi-variate testing


Measurable and positive ROI on marketing spend reaffirms their decision to send tens of thousands of engagement letters each week.

Net Zero Pyramid Aiim

Why is Sustainable Direct Mail Important to Us?

Once you know your carbon footprint, it’s hard to ignore it. 

Through our sustainable practices and carbon neutral direct mail program, we work with our customers to minimize the impact on the environment and achieve their carbon footprint goals.

The Planet’s First Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

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The Planet’s First Carbon Neutral Direct Mail – Join the program!