“Dear <Name>, Thank you for your purchase of <product>…” 

Did you know that using personalization in a direct mail campaign can increase ROI by 300% to 1000%! Source 

When you personalize your customer and donor communications, you win (see Actual Use Study below). Using VDP (Variable Data Printing), your data drives endless ways to customize your print communications and improve results. Our digital variable data print technology opens doors to versioning and personalizing messages that make life simpler and outcomes stronger. 

Personalization is also available in digital channels. Boost your messages by layering in multi-channel communications into your strategies. A postcard, plus an email and SMS can deliver the most powerful messages. 

And it’s not just First Name and Last Name… 

Got the data? Then it can be personalized in your messages: 

    • Gender 
    • Multilingual
    • Offers based on customer history (size, item, date, etc) or browsing 
    • Loyalty program status
    • Images of products or regional landmarks 
    • Product recommendations 
    • Maps 
    • QR Codes 
    • The possibilities are endless…

Case Study: Sephora

Click to read the case study to see how Sephora personalized direct mail with unique and personal product suggestions that had been browsed on their website.

Actual Use Case: Personalization

How Sephora personalized direct mail simultaneously with their online messages.

Read the Case Study Here:

Sephora – Retargeting With Direct Mail Amplifies Results.


Could Sephora increase the response rate of their online customers to revisit their abandoned carts using personalized direct mail?


Automated direct mail triggered by an abandoned shopping cart.

    • A personalized postcard was mailed 24 hours after the trigger, and included images of top-selling products, as well as one item that the recipient had abandoned in their cart
    • API and workflow automation


  • Sephora experienced a 16% increase in response rates
  • Measurable and positive ROI on marketing spend reaffirms that personalization resonates with their clients

Why is Sustainable Direct Mail Important to Us?

Once you know your carbon footprint, it’s hard to ignore it. 

Through our sustainable practices and carbon neutral direct mail program, we work with our customers to minimize the impact on the environment and achieve their carbon footprint goals.

The Planet's First Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

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