Digital High-Speed Printing

A perfect fit for every type of document

Every document job is unique. Paper choices, image characteristics, run size, and frequency can all inform the decision about an output device. We’ve invested in a full complement of digital printing solutions.


Roll- or Sheet-fed Inkjet

  • It’s fast (up to 300 double sided letters per minute) 
  • Highly competitive pricing – clients benefit from our investment in this technology 
  • Individually personalized documents on the fly – every page different if needed 
  • Simplicity – one process to print all colours and variable print on a document  
  • No storage of printed shells – inkjet prints as needed and on-demand 
  • No sacrifice in quality 

Some call it a “white paper factory” for this reason. 


Sheet-fed Laser Toner 

  • Shorter run jobs – for example, less than 1000 colour-imaged sheets 
  • Heavier card stocks or adhesive labels are required 
  • Wider colour gamut


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      High-Speed Digital Roll-Fed Printer.
      Net Zero Pyramid Aiim

      Why is Sustainable Direct Mail Important to Us?

      Once you know your carbon footprint, it’s hard to ignore it. 

      Through our sustainable practices and carbon neutral direct mail program, we work with our customers to minimize the impact on the environment and achieve their carbon footprint goals.

      The Planet’s First Carbon Neutral Direct Mail

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