NON-PROFIT: The Benefits of Mailing Tax Receipts with Thank you notes / Fundraising Campaigns

When you say “Thank You” with your tax receipt, it improves donor relationships.

One key element often overlooked in fundraising campaigns is the method of issuing tax receipts. Mailing tax receipts alongside fundraising campaign material, rather than sending them separately, can offer a few advantages:

Save on Postage

Mailing tax receipts with a thank you note can significantly cut down on postage and handling expenses. By consolidating mailings, non-profits can utilize services like those offered by Canada Post more efficiently, leading to direct cost savings. Canada Post now includes thank you notes with tax receipts in the Personalized Mail category, potentially cutting postal rates in half. Until this change in classification, tax receipts were sent at nearly double Lettermail rates. The recent reclassification will encourage donor relations practices and improve outcomes for charitable giving in Canada.

Tax Receipt Folded


Marketing and Communication Opportunities

Integrated Messaging: Including the tax receipt with the a thank you letter soliciting future donations allows non-profits to reinforce their message and impact, potentially encouraging further engagement or donations.

Personalized Touch: Personalized thank-you messages or updates about the non-profit’s work, included with the tax receipt, can enhance donor engagement.
Mailing tax receipts with fundraising campaign materials is not just a logistical decision; it’s a strategic approach that can benefit non-profits in terms of cost, efficiency, donor relations, and environmental impact.

As organizations strive to optimize their resources and deepen their connections with donors, such integrated strategies become increasingly vital. Is your organization looking to take advantage of postage savings and maximize donor relations? Let us know how we can help.

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