6 Direct Mail Tips Insurance Companies Can Learn from Retailers

In the dynamic marketing landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. For insurance companies seeking to seize the moment and capitalize on the growing resurgence of direct mail, drawing inspiration from trailblazing retail companies like Sephora, who have mastered the art of direct marketing, could be the key to unlocking success. Let’s learn how!

Direct Mail Marketing consistently captivates audiences, yielding measurable outcomes. Despite the rapid transition into a digitized world, a 74% consensus1 among marketers insinuates that direct mail delivers the best ROI, response and conversion rates of all channels.

95% engagement is reported for direct mail.2


Knowing the “right time to say the right thing is the key to marketing success.

Hyper-personalization promotes that.


Hyper-Personalization is essential for the Insurance sector, considering that not everyone needs the same type of insurance, and not everyone needs the same kind of promotion. Direct Mail for the past couple of years has been generalized, but you want your customers to now feel that you understand what they want, when they want it. This allows you to cross-sell, up-sell, maintain relationships, and remind people of important milestones in their policies. Direct Mail and automation allow you to send these very personalized messages out daily if you’d like. 

According to consumers, these are the primary advantages of receiving direct mail:  

              1. Possessing a physical copy of the information.  
              2. The ability to keep a hard copy for future reference.  
              3. Not relying on a phone or computer to read it.  
              4. Its greater memorability compared to email. 


Unlocking Sephora’s Secret to Direct Mail Success:  


Last month, I was delighted when I received this direct mail postcard from Sephora – a great example of how retail companies leverage personalized mail to make their customers feel special to them. Sephora’s direct mail strategies are innovative and engaging – precisely what motivates consumers to act on their marketing prompts. Sephora sent out birthday postcards to their VIB and Rouge members this year. Some features of this postcard are definitely worth incorporating into your own direct mail marketing strategies: 



Sephora Postcard Labelling 04


Tip #1:Tip 1




Who does not love seeing their name on a physical piece of mail? Variable Data Printing ensures that the postcard feels personalized – as though it was created just for you – developing a closer connection with the existing customers. Additionally, with each section unfolded, you notice more and more personalization – incredibly catered to the recipient! To learn more about how AIIM promotes hyper-personalization, read this case study conducted for Sephora’s marketing.  


Tip #2:Tip 2

Relevant Imagery

A clear depiction of available gift options through the relevant image allows customers to feel a sense of transparency with this international enterprise. Emphasizing the +250 bonus points also reinstates the additional gift option without hiding it in the fine print.






Tip #3:Tip 3


Call-to-actions can assist lead generation, increase traffic, and boost revenue by enticing your audience to act immediately. Asking customers to “Pick a FREE mini set” either online or in-store creates a sense of urgency.






Tip #4:Tip 4

Fear Of Missing Out

Another Call-to-action is providing the website link with an “online-only” gift option. This generates curiosity among recipients about this special gift option







Tip #5:Tip 5

Exclusivity and Connection

Providing exclusivity through their “Just for VIB and Rouge members” offer makes the recipient feel special to the company – fostering customer loyalty. Similarly, insurance companies will build a sense of community through connection with alumni associations. 






Tip #6:Tip 6

Card Design Draws You In

The folds with personalized text placements reveal “just a bit more” each time you flip a section – enough to make you want to open the whole postcard and read it. Pretty engaging compared to a standard letter you would receive from an Insurance Company, right?





Now that I have shown you how you could maximize your personalization strategies and cater to the variety of needs of your customers, how many of these will you incorporate?  Want to learn more? Contact us at AIIM and let’s talk about delivering results! 




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