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Infuse print marketing with individualized maps

Vicinity MapInfuse print marketing with individualized maps

Are you having trouble driving local consumers to your business? While print continues to be superior in the marketing industry, it often doesn’t provide a strong call to action to convert a recipient into a customer.

AIIM prides itself on using innovative technology to transform Direct Mail, flyers and catalogues with fully variable dynamic mapping.

Entice consumers to visit your business or make a purchase by giving them the tools they need with a print piece. We can transform your print marketing materials with individualized maps within each piece. AIIM has the unique ability to vary the points of interests on each printed piece based on the recipient. These points of interest can include location addresses, logos or special offers, all of which are displayed as legends on the map.

This innovative application provides specific calls to action, allowing the recipient to engage with the printed piece and find out where you are located so they can make a purchase or use an existing offer.

How can we tailor your print pieces to your target audience? This application is 100% data driven. Using recipient data with purchase data, we can analyze the specific purchase behaviours of your audience and tailor the varying points on the map to an action the recipient will respond to. VICI maps can deliver a significant return on investment considering the print material is customized based on the buying patterns of your audience.

AIIM has used the innovative VICI map technology and delivered positive results in working with financial institutions, retail organizations and more. Contact us to learn more about how VICI map technology can improve your business.

Amplify Your Media Buy with Influencers and Social Media

Leverage Owned Assets (eMail, Website, Twitter and Facebook,) and Paid Media (Google Ads, TV, Facebook Ads & Direct Mail) and AMPLIFY Earned Media (sharing, referrals, social organic) to reduce marketing costs and expand our media footprint.

Testimonials our clients

“AIIM Media has delivered in our first year most of our online donations for PHaware”

- Steve Van Wormer