Leverage your Direct mail campaign with social media

SOCIALLeverage your Direct mail campaign with social media

Leverage your organization’s print communications with AIIM’s Social Media Amplification program. It’s a proven marketing platform that generates a lift on sales from 10 to 40%.

We begin producing your new marketing campaign by learning more about your business and goals; this gives us an in-depth understanding of what you want to achieve.

Amplify your next Direct Mail campaign by targeting an audience based on your current consumer audience. We generate insightful data on a prospective audience, including gender, age, occupation, household income and more. These metrics identify a set of recipients who will receive your new Direct Mail piece.

Printed on the Direct Mail piece will be a URL to a microsite with an offer or incentive. AIIM will work with to produce a landing page using the same look and feel as your current website.

Once Direct Mail recipients visit the website printed on the Direct Mail piece, we’ll entice them to share the message about your brand using an incentive. This amplification means one recipient of your Direct Mail piece can share the message with those in their social media networks, maximizing your marketing dollars.

Want to find out how many new contacts you’ve acquired through the social media amplification platform? AIIM measures the ROI of paid, owned and earned media. We can track the number of people who have visited the landing page upon receiving a DM piece, and effectively target audiences that will generate more revenue for your business.

Your next Direct Mail campaign has so much potential – find out how by contacting AIIM.

Amplify Your Media Buy with Influencers and Social Media

Leverage Owned Assets (eMail, Website, Twitter and Facebook,) and Paid Media (Google Ads, TV, Facebook Ads & Direct Mail) and AMPLIFY Earned Media (sharing, referrals, social organic) to reduce marketing costs and expand our media footprint.

Testimonials our clients

“AIIM Media has delivered in our first year most of our online donations for PHaware”

- Steve Van Wormer