Book Publishing – Eliminate Royalties


Book Publishing – Eliminate Royalties

AIIM has provided Book Printing and Self Publishing Services to Toronto and surrounding areas for over 25 years. Effective Print Management can impact a company’s bottom line through strategic outsourcing. It helps reduce costs but marketing now becomes an important factor in the management and distribution of the book you would like to publish.

AIIM provides a Full-Service solution including:

  1. Customized cover design and interior layout
  2. Hardcover, paper-pack and e-book formatting
  3. Book availability to booksellers including Amazon and Chapters, with support and set up the site
  4. An expert project manager to guide you through the process every step of the way
  5. All printing, design and management completed by our in house team

Self Publishing can reduce costs and there are no royalties to pay, however, the time required for marketing can go up. Publishing Houses can work but much of the revenues that can be earned go back to them in the form of royalties. AIIM includes Print Management as part of its print deliverables and has significant experience in this area.

Our approach is a One-Source Solution, a Strategic Plan and Costing Options. Our comprehensive cost and process review will quickly establish a path towards savings and efficiencies.

Book Printing and Self Publishing in Toronto requires a true partnership in the exchange for ideas, goals and challenges. Only after this exchange of information can AIIM custom tailor a solution to maximize distribution efforts and reduce cost hurdles.



We can help you with a successful integrated marketing campaign utilizing digital and print materials. By unifying print and digital communications, we can seamlessly integrate your communications and strengthen your brand’s overall reach. We can customize your marketing solutions based on your needs.


Nothing is more exciting than receiving something in the mail. In fact, Mail Marketing Campaigns are still the cornerstone of many marketing initiatives. We desire to support your firm’s business objectives so we can customize your next mailing. The key to a successful mailing is one that will engage the recipient – we can bring it to life with digital enhancements including PURLs, QR codes and Social Amplification. A combination of these digital assets infused in your marketing materials can amplify campaign responses between 10% and 40%.


To bring your displays, posters and Trade Show displays to life, we add digital assets such as PURL’s, QR codes and Augmented Reality. These digital assets combine to make up interactive Print Media.


Make your financial printing clear and simple to read, not confusing. We can produce personalized presentations for your clients’ portfolios. Customization allows you to be flexible, as we provide full content and format variability based on each client’s needs. AIIM can produce attractive, full-colour graphics that are easy to read and understand.

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