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Production speed up to 500 feet per minute

HIGH-SPEED INKJET PRINTINGProduction speed up to 500 feet per minute

Unprecedented client savings with High-Speed Ink Jetting

AIIM’s latest major acquisition, the first Ricoh Pro VC70000 in Toronto, Canada with a print output speed of 492 feet per minute, will allow AIIM to significantly reduce time to market for high-value documents, and expedite its print-on-demand services to an entirely new level. “Our investment in the Ricoh Pro VC70000 represents a valuable partnership that will continue to support our growth within the Integrated Marketing Solutions landscape by delivering and exceeding our customers’ expectations,” said AIIM Chairman and CEO Mario Giorgio. “Our clients will continue to benefit from our investments both financially and operationally by not committing to traditional warehouse space for materials that are pre-printed and stored.”
Giorgio cited a recent instance where a longstanding customer who warehoused thousands of pre-printed, direct-mail “shells” and had variable data information printed on them, will actually save over $60,000 in warehousing costs because of AIIM’s new Ricoh VC70000 platform. Plus, the new technology allows for more cost-efficient and personalized 1:1 messaging, much faster time to market, and vastly improved integrated marketing services, where final printed products can be seamlessly integrated with social media sharing for better client ROI.
“The new Ricoh technology has not only allowed us to identify new workflow efficiencies to further reduce costs to our customers but has opened up new applications and opportunities, such as book publishing,” President Frank Giorgio added. “It has also allowed us to eliminate four black & white laser printers – and we’ve leased out our warehouse as we don’t need it anymore.”

How the Ricoh Pro VC70000 changed the printing landscape

In a year of firsts when it comes to multi-million-dollar installations of groundbreaking equipment here in Canada, AIIM’s bold investment represents a new generation of continuous-feed inkjet technology. The Ricoh Pro VC70000 excels at direct mail, book printing, magazine and catalogue printing and data-driven marketing materials. The new modular system has been characterized by Ricoh as “the most versatile colour inkjet system available on the market today.”
“The VC70000’s high-speed print-on-demand and variable-data capabilities are a game-changer for AIIM,” said Eric Fletcher, VP of Marketing at Ricoh Canada. “The Ricoh Pro VC70000 Continuous Feed Inkjet Printer removes the previous barriers to inkjet print quality, productivity and cost-effectiveness. It’s a viable alternative to offset printing and delivers the benefits of digital printing without compromising on affordable media choices, image integrity and speed of offset.”
In 2019, Ricoh announced a new set of capabilities for its Ricoh Pro VC70000 continuous-feed inkjet platform. The new features empowered users to print more efficiently, save time and money and expand their portfolio of offerings. Major new enhancements included:
  • Multiple print modes. Users who want to run a variety of applications, including full-colour or B&W, can selectively engage the printhead modules. Printhead arrays not required for a specific application can be disengaged. This provides cost savings and flexibility when printing B&W.
  • Extensions to colour control. Users will be able to add custom colour control bars and perform spot-colour editing as well as dynamic colour substitutions that provide more flexibility when generating full-colour applications.
  • Productivity and application enhancements. Users will have more choices as to how applications are processed, stored and reproduced with new RIP & Print options.
  • Easier transformation to digital. Users can also utilize a supported printable sheet width of 20” – making the transition from offset to cutsheet digital applications much easier.
The final Ricoh solution included the Ricoh ProcessDirector – a modular and scalable print-workflow management software solution that enabled AIIM to seamlessly manage its applications by creating workflows that help automate the processing of print files through the various stages of production. This ultra-efficient platform has resulted in breakthrough workflow effectiveness, faster turnaround times and reduced costs passed along to its customers – all for a new level of competitiveness never before imagined. This workflow and management software will play a key role transforming AIIM into a ‘Digital Smart Factory.’

More about AIIM’s Ricoh Pro VC70000

Ricoh believes that the Pro VC70000 will set a new benchmark for quality in its class as a result of its unique multi-drop ink technology that can achieve up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi with a dynamic variable-drop size within each pixel. Overall, this provides significant additional perceived print quality. The Pro VC70000 can produce up to 492 feet/min, or 150 metres/min. Ricoh sees its new printer as an ideal investment for medium to large printers seeking to “future-proof” their businesses, reach new clients and accelerate their offset-to-digital migration. The OEM’s 25+ years of experience in printhead technology and ink development, combined with its software and service expertise, were key factors in development of the Pro VC70000.

Ricoh Pro VC70000 features at a glance

  • New extended gamut inks make it possible to print onto a variety of different types of stocks, including offset coated and uncoated papers, without pre- or post-coating
  • Media support for offset coated, IJ coated, IJ treated and uncoated papers from 40 to 250 gsm
  • Ricoh’s latest generation stainless steel printheads for years of dependable use
  • Dynamic drop technology at the image level to render fine details, consistent half-tones and optimized ink usage on high coverage areas
  • Production volumes up to 40 million impressions per month
  • Repeatable print lengths of up to 54″
  • Output speeds up to 492 ft/min
  • Advanced drying and cockling correction technologies, which are required when printing on lightweight papers
  • Ricoh TotalFlow Print Server R600A Digital Front End (DFE) for powerful job and data processing with support for multiple data streams, access to colour management and additional job tools
  • Unparalleled technical and field support from the industry’s largest, dedicated production service organization
  • Compatible with Ricoh ProcessDirector.
Ricoh is empowering digital workplaces using innovative technologies and services enabling individuals to work smarter. For more than 80 years, Ricoh has been driving innovation and is a leading provider of document management solutions, IT services, communications services, commercial and industrial printing, digital cameras and industrial systems.


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