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Measure impact with AIIM Social

The power of Social Influence! AIIM Social will unlock the influencers who can impact your brand. AIIM discovers data and insights on the individual influencers who will bring the most economic impact.

AIIM Social uses audience demographic profiles to accurately target the audience that is likely to donate to the campaign. These metrics are effective in targeting Direct Mail pieces and ads on social media.

Engagement Tools, Sharing and Audience Data

The AIIM Social Sharing Dashboard produces metrics on total “shares out” by influencers by platform (i.e. how many shares have been pushed through AIIM). The dashboard also indicates the total number of “shares in” (i.e. the goal shares pulled in as a result of AIIM). Data is provided by both visitor count and contact count.

Influencer Analytics

AIIM Social will enhance your brand’s social database by actioning Paid and Owned Media, and identifying influencers/bloggers who generate the most reach and ROI. Begin a powerful influencer marketing program with mavens who are powering the most of your brand today.

Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Leverage Owned Assets (eMail, Website, Twitter and Facebook,) and Paid Media (Google Ads, TV, Facebook Ads & Direct Mail) and generate Earned Media (sharing, referrals, social organic) to reduce marketing costs and expand.

Social Media ROI

Many of today’s social platforms measure sentiment or buzz as engagement. AIIM Social measures influencer engagement, visits, sharing, sales and ROI.

Social CRM

The AIIM Social  CRM collects all data captured and provides a social context from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn Authorizations along with demographic and influencer audience data. Data can be exported to excel for further processing or delivered via API to your favourite CRM.