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More About Our Services.

Media PlacementAIIM Media facilitates buying and placing advertisements

through various media. We develop a strategic marketing plan that’s designed to create more brand awareness for your organization. Our research and plans can target your key audience through Direct Mail, digital advertisements, landing pages, microsite funnels and more. Our plans deliver your brand’s message to a large audience.

Social Media Management Using social media to reach your target audience?

At AIIM, we specialize in monitoring and guiding your social media presence. We will work with your team to develop effective social media ads and campaigns that are suited to your target audience.

Donation Portal DevelopmentGenerate a database of donors by directing them

to a donation portal that provides them with key understanding and education about your organization. The portal is a place for them to submit their email, make a donation to your cause and share the news with those in their social media networks. It’s a successful tactic that drives net new donations and leverages your brand online.

StrategyYour organization has a mission

and it’s our job to create a successful strategy to help you reach your goals. We take the time to understand your needs and evaluate your goals, all of which helps us develop a marketing strategy tailored to your organization’s goals.

AIIM Media provides real-time analytics

on your marketing campaign, identifying influencers and bloggers who generate the most reach in sharing your message, while providing insight into your investment. Our unique tools provide you with a clear picture of charitable revenues from both existing and net-new donors, as well as how impactful your Direct Mail, eMails, digital ad and more in reaching a wide audience.

Donation Funnel DesignReengage existing donors and new donors

with a well-designed funnel that incorporates your brand’s message and artwork. A visually appealing funnel design will enhance a visitor’s experience, educating and influencing them to make a donation.

Direct Mail Development & Delivery Direct Mail Marketing remains a powerful marketing tool.

Reach your target demographic with customized, colourful Direct Mail pieces that promote your brand’s message. AIIM will assist with the design and execution of delivery, ensuring your target audience is reached through the mailer.

eMail Design & TrackingIt’s often said that donors need to be ‘touched’

touched’ several times before making a donation. AIIM will work with your organization to create engaging, impactful content to eMail to your potential list of donors. We track the success of each email and present tangible data illustrating how many donations arrived through eMail.

AUGMENTED REALITYMake print come to life in front of your eyes

with Verus. Using a device’s camera, watch magazines, retail flyers and posters come to life with 3D effects. Give your recipients the unique opportunity to see what your company has to offer. Simply download the app layar to give your marketing campaigns a powerful edge.

See us in action!

Want to know how it all works? Take a look at our demo – we’ll walk you through our platform, giving you the ultimate visual on how we can transform your Direct Mail marketing campaigns with Social Media Amplification.

Read this case study to get a more in-depth look at how we can help you.