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Alzheimer Society of Canada:
A Case Study

Alzheimer Society CanadaCanadian non-profit

The Alzheimer Society is a non-profit health organization working nationwide to provide resources to Canadians affected by those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

The goal for our influencer campaign was two-fold: to increase one-time and monthly donations.

Using AIIM Digital’s influencer marketing platform, we activated influencers, generated visits to a newly constructed microsite developed specifically for the Alzheimer Society.

Visitors were given an incentive to make a donation and share news of the donor campaign via social sharing.

AIIM Digital recovered a 14% decline in donations in 2014 with our 2015 campaign utilizing Direct Mail websites to derive a lift in online donations; it resulted in over 9,000 total visits.

AIIM Digital’s program recovered a 14% decline in donations/

Earned media-generated almost 3,000 FREE visits, and our tools enabled us to track the number of campaign shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Paid media included ads on Facebook, which generated 340,000+ impressions.

Overall, the Alzheimer Society saw a total increase of 37% overall in online donations from 2014, and a 30% increase in monthly donors.

Paid, Owned and Earned Media

Leverage Owned Assets (eMail, Website, Twitter and Facebook,) and Paid Media (Google Ads, TV, Facebook Ads & Direct Mail) and generate Earned Media(sharing, referrals, social organic) to reduce marketing costs and expand.

Testimonials our clients

“AIIMDigital has delivered in our first year most of our online donations for phaware”

- Steve Van Wormer