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About AIIM Digital


AIIM Digital is a collaborative team of professionals with experience in both the print and digital marketing spheres with one mission: to assist organizations in achieving their financial goals.


A cross-channel marketing plan that uses both print and digital marketing techniques provides organizations with an integrated marketing solution that’s designed to deliver a lift in charitable donations.


AIIM Digital will build a social database of consumers and brand advocates through integrated marketing campaigns using Direct Mail, Social Media Amplification, influencers and more.

Metrics provide insight into the success of our marketing campaign

We bring a professional, effective approach to every project we work on, delivering successful outcomes that can be tracked through our system’s analytics.

Contact Us

AIIM Digital

Tel: 416-798-7110

Email: help@aiim.com

205 Industrial Parkway North, Unit 1

Aurora, Ontario, L4G 4C4