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Where Print, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing come together.

Integrated Marketing

Want to know how it all works? Want to see how it all works? Take a look at our demo – we’ll walk you through our interactive tools, giving you the ultimate visual on how we can transform your print marketing campaigns with integrated marketing solutions.

Business Tools

The business tools track the social amplification of your direct mail program.

AIIM Media platform identifies, activates, automates and provides analytics on all influencer social amplification projects.

Social Amplification

1. AIIM Media amplifies your direct mail program through influencers and social media.

2. AIIM Media provides analytics through to ROI on new and exisitng donors.

3. AIIM Media provides the strategic services required to ensure optimized level for campaign results.




Return on

At AIIM, we help you create a successful integrated marketing campaign utilizing digital and print materials. By unifying print and digital communications, we can seamlessly integrate your communications and strengthen your brand’s overall reach. We can customize your marketing solutions based on your needs.
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Our Products – Your Tools.

Change Providing measurable lift in social donations through social media & influencers.

SOCIAL SHARINGYour best media asset is online social sharing

Increase your print campaign responses by 50% or more by identifying your brand’s influencers and the measure they have on your campaign. AIIM can provide an ROI measurement on every tactic you include within your integrated campaign.

DATA-DRIVEN DIRECT MAILData has the power to enhance Direct Mail

Leverage your Direct Mail campaigns by targeting the right audience using geodemographic profiles. Enhance targeted mailings with unique actions that allow customers to engage with the printed piece – usher them to a website with a PURL or QR code.

AUGMENTED REALITYMake print materials come to life

with VERUS Augmented Reality. Using a device’s camera, recipients can watch magazines and movie posters come to life with 3D effects, access to links and other interactive tools. Add maps to drive recipients to local branches or merchant partners.

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